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To Hell and back....

Dear Readers, today I want to write about an Journey, and Experience I had which is not only about travelling and discovering new places. It is also about a second thing which got as huge an importance in my life as travelling. Music.
Music is one thing I am sure I couldn't survive without it. Leave me without television for a year or more, you wont hear me moan, well only when my beloved FC is playing maybe. Take all books from me, that might be getting harder for me and I surely would suffer, but I would survive. But if you would take my CD Collection from me I surely would break.
Music is just too important in my life. There are just too many nice memories which I can combine with a special song or a band. Like driving onto the Highway outside of Coober Pedy in Australia right when the sun came up and listening to "Wiser Time" from the Black Crowes, that was an magical experience. That is one of the nicest and best Road songs you will ever find and it just fitted the moment.
And Music was also there to comfort me when I was feeling down and sad and it always helped me to feel better again. Listening to my Favourite Band Pain of Salvation still always brings a smile to my face till this day. And I think that is what music should be about. Emotions, both happy and sad.

A few years back I found the chance to combine these two hobbies of mine. To go on a vacation that would be about Music. I booked a Ticket for a  Five day Trip on a big Cruise ship which would be leaving from Miami to cruise around the warm waters of the Caribbean. And besides me and the other Passengers,  there were also more than 40 Metal Bands on Board which would play concerts almost all around the clock. We had one stop on this trip, which were the beautiful situated Cayman Island where we visited a famous Rock Formation and Village called Hell. So it really would be a Trip to Hell... and back? :)

But let me start about a year earlier... This was when I first heard about this special cruise. Back then it was something really new and unique. I heard from some friends that there was supposed to be a sort of Heavy Metal cruise starting from Miami. At first I couldn't believe it. As it doesn't seem to fit together. A Metal Festival on a cruise ship? When you think about a Cruise Ship, you think about a clean and spotless place with mostly elderly people who are enjoying some relaxing days out at sea in a more or less luxurious environment. And when you think about a Heavy Metal Festival you might get an slightly different idea. Metal Festivals are not normally held in such a clean Area. Mud is not uncommon on a Metal Festival for Example. Normally you get a lot of it. You get thousands and thousands of people in different states of intoxication. The food is normally not worth talking about and lets not start about the sanitary equipment on a Festival which can be scary at times.
So it was hard to combine these two things in my head. It just didn't seem to fit. But well actually some one seemed to think that it might be worth a try and actually managed to convince one of the biggest shipping companies to provide him with a ship. I guess the Managers never have been to a Metal Festival otherwise  they might have thought twice about it.
But who am I to complain about it. I love Metal and the Idea of going on a cruise while several of your favourite bands are playing was just amazing. So I checked out the Homepage and was amazed by the Line-up of it. Unfortunately by this time the ship was already fully booked and it was not possible to get a ticket. So I was not the only person who seemed to be excited by this idea.
And when I read the first reports about it some weeks later it sounded amazingly good. It sounded like Heavy Metal Heaven. And I was sure that this was something I would need to experience myself.

Fast forward a couple of month....

Later that year during Summer, I read an announcement on the Internet about the next cruise which was scheduled for the start of the next year. And when I read about  it again and saw the first bands which got announced I made my decision that i would have to go there.  Later that day I was on the way to an Open Air Festival here in Germany with a friend and told him about it and he said that he wanted to go as well together with his girlfriend.
And so that was set. After the Festival we started making plans and booked our cabin on the Ship. Now we only would have to survive the next few months until the cruise finally would take place. We all were really excited about it. I already managed to get in touch with some other Cruisers in the Forum of the Web-page of the Cruise. And everyone was really looking forward to that.

And everyone was waiting eagerly for the next bands to be announced which we were assured would be happening SOON. But as it seems we all seemed to have a different definition of soon. We didnt knew all bands until we finally arrived on the ship. But anyway, from the Bands which were already confirmed it sounded like an amazing Happening. So we somehow managed to get through the long winter until we finally started our Journey to Miami in January 2012.

That means I started alone as I decided to take a different flight as my friends, as I found a cheaper and more suitable option for me and we decided to meet up at the Airport in Miami as I would arrive only two hours earlier then they would.
A few days before my departure I decided to check on which Air-plane type I would be flying, as I really love flying the big planes and I was hoping for a Boeing 747. But it got even better. I was booked on the back then really new Airbus A380. So I would be flying to the 70.000 tons of Metal festival in 569 tons of Metal Air plane. That sounded amazing and was something I didn't expected.

So one grey and cold Morning in January I was on my way from Duesseldorf to Frankfurt where we arrived after a short flight but we managed to hit a really big air hole and the plane sacked down several meters. I was truly awake then.
After a longer walk through the endless seeming corridors of the Terminal Buildings at the Airport in Frankfurt I arrived at the Gate for my flight to Miami and I managed to get a first glimpse of the plane.

 And it was amazingly huge. You really feel small when you are standing near to it. But of course it has to be big when you want to fit over 800 People in there. And from the Masses who were waiting in front of the Gate you could see that the plane would get crowded. And here and there I could see some other fellow Metal Heads who also seemed to be heading over to the festival. It is always handy that you can recognize them by their Black T-Shirts with Band Logos you cant decipher or at their long hairs. Well I only have the T-Shirts as my hairs decided to stop growing some years back. And well I guess if I ever want to Headbang again in a proper way I might need to get a wig.

A few Moments later the boarding started and I finally got inside the plane. And it was amazing. Everything looked brand new and so huge. But as the cabin was separated in smaller compartments you didn't had the feeling to be on a huge plane at all. And it was hard to imagine that there was still one floor above us. Just amazing.
And then we were on the way to the Runway. And I was on a 747 several times I expected the Take off to be a bit like that. I love it when a 747 takes off. When it starts its run down  the Runway you get pressed into your seat by the whole power of the engine. But not with that plane. I remember that the Captain made a short announcement that we would be taking off now as we turned around the last curve and where on the Runway. But you didnt had the feeling that the plane was getting faster or that it would start its engine. It felt like as if it was on a relaxed ride through the country side and I thought maybe the captain decided to drive instead of flying but moments later we were airborne.

Some hours later after an real relaxing flight and an amazing experience we finally arrived in Miami. And what a difference to leave Germany on a cold Winters Morning and arrive in Florida with an average temperature of about 25 degrees Celsius and sunshine all day long. It was so beautiful. So I spent the first moments after I got out of the Controls and got all my luggage back outside of the terminal to get some fresh air and bathe in the sunshine. Then I waited for my friends to arrive and saw many other Metal Fans arrive at the airport. And I thought it is really happening now. I will be going on that amazing cruise. It sounded like an fantasy which would become true.

Some time later we were all together and on our way into Miami Beach where we had booked a hotel for the days before the cruise would finally start. My first impression of Miami was not a real good one I have to confess. I just saw skyscrapers and the usual Shopping Centres and Fast Food Restaurants you normally are seeing in America. It didn't look very special. And you could guess that Poverty was an topic here from the way some areas were looking. But the closer we got to Miami Beach, the nicer the area started to look. We passed some very expensive looking Mansions right at the Waterside with some even more expensive looking yachts in front of them. And of course we were getting closer to the ocean which is always a nice thing. But also Miami Beach is not the place I would like to live in. Too crowded, too many huge Hotel Complexes and not the atmosphere I normally like. At some places it was just too posh in my opinion. Expensive looking restaurants and people who seemed to spend too much money for their wardrobe.   What an odd starting point for a Metal Festival.
After a short stop at the Hotel to drop our bags we went out to grab some Dinner. And we ended up in a lovely Mexican Restaurant called Oh Mexico on beautiful Espinola Way. A small street in the middle of Miami Beach, it starts at the Junctions at one of the Main Roads in Miami Beach and looks totally out of place there. It was more of an pedestrian area than an actually street. It looks really nice and peaceful with an bit of an European look in it, and I think the only street which was really clustered with some trees. At least enough that you had an small Baldachin above you. The whole street was clustered with nice and welcoming looking small bars and restaurants. Not what you would expect when you arrive there from the direction we came from.

Even when it was hard to choose between all the nice looking Restaurant we were settling for that nice and cosy looking  place right at the corner. And it was a good choice. We had some nice tasting cocktails and the Chorizo Quesadillas I had were outstanding. They were so good that I went there again and again after I returned from the Cruise and had some days left to spend there. In the end the waitress already knew in advance what I wanted. :)

After that we called it a night as we all were tired from the long flight and the time difference. But it has been a nice start of the trip.
On the next Morning we got up early to get some breakfast and then we wanted to go out and to enjoy our first day. And what are you doing on a Saturday Morning when you have just arrived to a place  7600 KM away from Home and got all liberties to do what you want. Of course you are looking for a German pub which will serve German Beer and where you can watch the Bundesliga. The German football league. That is what we did that morning. Something I would normally not do when I am abroad. But on that day it sounded like a nice idea to start the day. With the six hours time difference the Matches would start at 9:30 local time. The best time to start the day with some football and beer. And believe it or not we were not the only ones. We soon became friends with some other Germans who had the same idea and were of course also in Miami for the Cruise. So we just arrived there and already were forming some friendships. And the football matches soon became less and less important as our group became bigger and bigger and the conversations more interesting. Around Noon the whole place was booming with a horde of Metal Fans. And it also got more international. We were joined by a group of Metalheads from Puerto Rico and it got livelier and livelier after that. And I had the feeling that the owner was a bit afraid of what might happen with all  these long haired people sitting there. I think that unfortunately very often the Heavy Metal Fans are seen in a  totally wrong way. Everyone thinks that they must be aggressive and antisocial. But in my experience it is totally the opposite. Most of the people you will meet on a concert or a Festival is very friendly and open minded and not dangerous or violent at all. And so it also was on that day. It was a nice and relaxing atmosphere and it was just really great.

The rest of the day we spent with doing some Sightseeing and shopping in Miami  Beach and the Evening we decided to take a look at the famous Ocean Drive. The Promenade which runs along the Waterside around the whole area of Miami Beach. It is the place to be when you want to be seen in South Beach. And again I found the atmosphere to posh. Everyone was just too styled and dressed up in my opinion.
But what I did like was the architecture of the Hotels down there. A lot of the Buildings were build in the Art Deco Style, An Architecture Style which got very popular in the 1930s years and which are still looking amazingly beautiful after all these years. Especially after the dark it is an amazing sight to see.

Our last day in Miami Beach before the Cruise started with a nice breakfast outside in the yard of our Hotel before we went out to explore a bit more of our surroundings. And it was funny that you saw other fellow Cruisers everywhere. It was hard to believe that there were only 2000 of us. It looked way more. And it was funny to greet each other with the famous devils horn greetings. I think it must have been quite a sight for the other people around us.
The Afternoon we went down to the Beach as there were plans for a Precruise Beach Party on Facebook before we left. And now we were out looking for it as we didn't had a clue where it would take place. But we didn't needed to look for a long time. From very far we could see a huge mob of people in black shirts standing around one area. And after a short stop at a close Liqueur Store, which must have made his best turnover that day, we joined the party. And it was amazing. It was a real international crowd and we met people from the USA, from Canada, from Sweden, Finland, Puerto Rico and several other countries. And everyone just had a wonderful time and enjoyed being here. But I think the people around us got suspicious. There were some huts on the beach which were selling some cocktails, it didn't took long until they closed and boarded up their huts. And also the Beach Patrol stopped to take a closer look at this black Mob. They were greeted very friendly with the Devils horn and a huge Circle Pit around their cars. I am sure they were glad to get away after that and they never came back. But it wasn't necessary anyway. Everything was very peaceful and friendly. I also managed to meet up with some of the people I knew from the Forum. Maybe this Afternoon was even better then the cruise itself. I really loved the atmosphere. Everyone was together and had a wonderful time. The way it should be. And it was funny to drink the beer out of the infamous paper bags. :)  You have to use them so that nobody can see that you are drinking Alcohol (evil). But I guess it would be less suspicious and conspicuous if you could drink it just out of the bottle. Because when you are holding that bag in your hand everyone knows it is not lemonade or tea you are drinking.

Afterwards part of the group went to a local concert that took place but we decided to grab some dinners with some of the people we have met on the day before. And we found a nice bar where we had some nice burgers and some more beers. A good end for a wonderful day.

 And then finally the big day arrived. The day we would go on the cruise. We were up really early as we all were really excited and wanted to get on the boat as fast as possible. I think we all feared the idea that the ship might be leaving without us. So we packed all our stuff after a short breakfast and hailed a cab on the street and were on our way to the Harbour.
And what a sight to see 2000 Heavy Metal fans who are about to set sails. It looked so funny and amazing. And it took a while till everyone was checked in as they took a lot of your personal data when you checked in. But after a while we made it through and were on the ship, the M.S. Majesty of the Sea.

And what a sight it was. You entered the Ship right in the Main Lobby and it was fascinating. Everything was build up with glass was gilded or was laid out in Marble. It looked so beautiful and luxurious. There was a huge Spiral Staircase winding down the Lobby into the deck below where you found a lot of shops. On the floor we were on there was a huge reception, some Orientation plans and of course a lot of people. And that was, what broke the spell for me. Something was out of place here.. You saw a lot of long haired people with beer cans in their hands running around while a Death Metal CD was playing in the background. I couldn't believe my eyes and ears. It felt totally out of place. But at the same time it felt so good and right as well.

It didn't took us long to find the friends again we had made in the last few days. And as our cabins were not ready yet so we decided to take an early lunch in the already opened Buffet Restaurant.from where you had an amazing view on the whole of the Harbour and the us surrounding ships. And what a variety of  food they had there. French Fries, Nachos, Pasta, Meats, Salads and everything you could possibly think of. When you think about what you normally eat on a festival, you cant really compare it. Two different worlds.
Besides eating too much of the great food we used the time in the Restaurant to get used to our surroundings. It was my first time on such a huge ship and it was very impressing to see how big it was. How many different decks there existed. There was a huge Pool Deck where normally a huge pool is the centre of attention. But now the pool was covered because this was part for the Main Stage. There was a big Gym on board, several Bars and Restaurants, a huge Theatre which was also used for concerts, there was a Casino as well and a sports deck, a Spa, a small shopping area, and, and, and. It was amazing how much you can put on such a ship.

After our lunch we were able to get in our cabin and when we arrived there our luggage was already there and we were greeted by one steward who took care of the cabins in our areas. As  the Majority of the crew he seemed to be from the Philippines. He seemed to be a really nice and friendly person and was very helpful in the next days. That is also something you are not used to on a festival that there is someone who is cleaning your place and asks you for your need. On a Festival you are normally happy when your tent is not getting wet on the inside or is blown away by the wind. What a change. But I guess also for the crew it must have been quite a difference to a normal cruise. Instead of a group of pensioners they now took care of a group of Metal Heads. But they seemed to enjoy themselves. I can imagine that the Metal Heads are easier then the normal sort of guests they had.
Everyone was just friendly and in a happy mood, you rarely saw someone upset or angry on that cruise.
Then we had our first Mandatory date on the ship. The Health and Safety briefing. So every cabin had to go to a set space on a set deck were you would have to gather in the case of an emergency and now we were shown how to act in such a case. But I had the feeling no one was taking it seriously. It might have been because a Majority of the people there had a beer bottle in their hands. Or it might have been the joyful sounding music from the Disney Ship beside us that just didn't fit that situation. Well to be honest if something would have happened, I am sure we all would have been lost. But we would had enough to drink for an great farewell party in that case. :)

After the briefing we still had some time to explore more of the ship before we would leave the Harbour. The Deck above the Pool Deck was now open and you could watch the technicians building up the Stage on the Pool Deck. Some parts of the Stage were still pulled up unto the ship by a huge crane. And it took longer then expected, in the end too long, so the start of the Concerts on the pool deck was a bit delayed.

And then it was time to leave Miami. Everyone on board was standing outside somewhere on the decks to grab a good view of the departure. And how nice it was. The sun was already starting to go down when we moved through the Harbour. Every ship we passed were greeted with some infernal screams from ours. I think most of the people on the other boats enjoyed it. Well maybe not the Disney Ship we passed. They looked a bit scared.
On our way out we had some nice views first on Miami and its Skyline and then on Miami Beach and in the fading light it really looked beautiful and then we finally were on our way. The cruise to Hell had begun....

With the evening the first concerts started on board. The first one was held in the small club which was built in one of the ships lounges. And it was too small for the amount of people who wanted to see it. We were lucky to get in, others had to watch from the outside. And it was a fun gig. Scotland's Pirate Metal Band Alestorm was opening the Festival. And I am sure there cant be a better band to open a festival on a ship. Their songs are very energetic which mixes heavy riffs with Keyboard sounds and it worked, the crowd was enjoying it very much. Especially as they played their Hitsong "Keelhauled". The crowd went crazy. And what a start into the Festival. And then one great concert followed the next on that Night.
Germans Grave Digger was up next in the bigger Theatre under deck, which reminded me a bit of a Musical Theatre with all its crowds of seats and Balconies. And they also seemed to enjoy the chance to play on that ship before an international Crowd.  And it was amazing to hear them play Rebellion live. Such an energetic and positive song. And one of the greatest song to sing along to.
While they were still preparing the Pool Deck Stage, Finland's Nightwish entered the stage in the Theatre, and I have to confess that I was a bit sceptical first, but when they started playing it sounded great. Annette Olsen had a really positive charisma on the stage and the sound was bombastic and heavy.
The rest of the evening we wandered between the different stages. You always had to wander around for a while to get one from stage to the next. Incredible how huge such a ship can get. We watched Cannibal Corpse for a while before we went to one of the Cocktail Bars and watched the Pool area from above. It was an incredible good start into that Festival/Cruise. And I was so happy to be a part of it. I watched some more bands, checked if the Merchandise Stand was already open, but it was the same as with the Stage, it took a bit longer, drank a few more beers and went to bed at some point, very tired but also very happy.

But I was up early again on the next day as I was afraid I could miss out on something. So I took a refreshing shower before I went up to the Restaurant to get a decent Breakfast. And I wasn't disappointed.  Ham, Eggs, Bread, Cornflakes, Fruits, everything you could need. And it was nice to see how much effort they took in decorating the place. I really loved the Musicians they formed out of fruits.

After I finished my breakfast the first bands already started to play again and I saw that it gonna be a very long day. The whole day would be spend out at sea as we were heading down the Caribbean towards the Cayman Island. And it was just beautiful to see the whole Ocean stretched out before in the sunshine with a perfect blue sky. This really was freedom,
And as the day went on I went from Concert to Concert. I saw some unknown bands to me like the amazing Megora from Switzerland to more known bands like Annihilator from Canada, with a Jeff Plate who is not only one of the best Guitar Players in the world but also a great entertainer. And there were also bands like In Extremo from Germany or Vicious Rumours from the USA. It was a wonderful day. I think my Highlight was to see Orphaned Land from Israel live on the Pool Stage. it was when I realized how amazing the whole setting was. We were somewhere close to Cuba while i was watching this amazing Band rocking out on the Stage. And you could see how much fun they had. And how couldnt you, we were on the middle of the Ocean and were enjoying one of the most amazing Events you could be at. And it got better and better as I saw other amazing bands like the Pretty Maids, Eluveitie, Kamelot or Therion. So many good bands. Another Highlight was seeing Atheist live. An american Progressive Metal Band which songs are very heavy and complex. And all I could say after that Gig was Wow!!. Who said that Heavy Music is simple? Then they should listen to a band like Atheist and they would never say that again.

But also the second day was over at one point, much too soon as i thought. But it was filled with so many nice experiences. So much good music, so many nice people I met. Just perfect.
The third day was our Day out. After breakfast we arrived at the Grand Cayman Island and waited for our chance to get on the ferry to the Island and this took of course some time as everyone wanted to  get over to the Island. Well maybe some of the people who drank to much the night before didnt. :) After more than an hour we managed to get on board on one of the Ferry and went to the island. We were greeted by a small Pirate boat in the bay but luckily without Pirates on it.

On the Island we arrived at a huge Tourist Hub where we waited for the Bus to take us on the Island tour we booked in advance. It took a while till everyone got on the island and everything was organised. And I remember how hot  the sun was burning down that day. And I was wearing the perfect shirt for that day. A black T-Shirt of the Band "Enemy of the Sun".
After a while everyone was on the bus, but before we started the bus driver realized that an elderly couple in our Bus was there accidentally. And they left the bus under the cheering laughter of the Metal Heads.
And then we were on our way to explore the Island. But I have to say I was sort of disappointed by the Island. It was not what I expected. When you think about the Caribbean you think about blue water, white beaches, sunshine and Nature. But I had the feeling that the Cayman Island looked look an suburb of the USA. You saw the same Fast Food Franchises you see in the USA everywhere, in the exact same kind of buildings. There were hugs business districts, building sites and no Caribbean flair everywhere. But well now we where here and wanted to enjoy  the time.
Our first stop was on a turtle farm which sounded nice in the Description but the reality was sad. It was sad to see  the poor Creatures swimming in their small pools in huge numbers so they never had much space. We were glad when we could leave again. Afterwards we went to a Rum Factory where some people bought some Rum or some Rum Cake but otherwise it was dull. The Highlight of the tour was a trip to Hell. The name of a Rock formation which looks a bit like you might imagine hell. A grey field filled with rocks that come out of the ground. It looked a bit spooky. The real Highlight was the small Post office where you could get a stamp in your Passport saying that you have been to Hell. And I liked how our Tour Guide told us that there is an retirement home in Hell, and when people are getting old on the Island, their Kids say to them "Go to Hell". :)
So of course I got my stamp in the Passport and also a Picture before the Post office and then we went back to the City again.

We spent some more time in the unimpressive tourist area before we took one of the ferries back to our ship. It was nice to have visit an Caribbean Island, but it was not what I was really expecting.

Back on Board the Captain greeted us with the announcement that everyone made it back on the ship that he was very proud of us because of that. And so it was time to leave the Cayman Island and we shipped out onto the Ocean again. And after a nice dinner we started watching the next concerts.
My Highlight that Evening was maybe seeing Crowbar in the small club. An intense Set with some really intense heavy Music. But it was also nice to see Nightwish again on the Pool Deck and some other Bands. I remember that the Atmosphere that evening was really nice. Everyone was having a great time. We had some cocktails and beers and just enjoyed a wonderful evening. Life cant get much better in my opinion. Good Music, good friends around you and everyone in a good mood. And I was also surprised to see how well everyone behaved. The ship was still really clean, you rarely saw some trash on the ground and only some drunk people on the ground. It can get much worse on a Festival. By now everyone got used to the Luxus on board. And it is funny how fast you take all the things there for granted. For example finding a free Buffett all the time whenever you are hungry, clean restrooms. You didnt had to walk far until someone tried to sell you a beer. It was Heaven. But I also got too spoiled for every other Festival that might come.

After another short Night with way too less sleep the fourth day on board the Ship started. It was hard to believe that we would be back in Miami tomorrow. It was a bit sad to think about it, but it also made you feel that you had to make the most out of that day. And it really was a nice day. As I tend to do, I was thinking a bit too much that day as I started to feel a bit lonely and felt a bit sad for a while. But only for a while. Otherwise I just had another great day on.board of the ship. Enjoyed some great bands again. I loved to see Amorphis that day especially and Overkill. Two very great concerts and I just enjoyed walking on the ship between the concerts and also enjoyed staying on a lower deck for a while and just enjoying the view across the sea. Sometimes you could see some of the Musicians walking pass you. That was also something I really liked. There was no backstage area, so every band was walking around freely on the decks. So if you wanted to you could walk up to them and have a chat. or they were sitting beside you during breakfast. That was really nice. It really showed that the whole Metal Community is like a Family. Very Special.
On the last Night the weather outside got a bit stormy. It was sometimes funny when you were standing in the Theatre or the Club and were enjoying a show and suddenly  the boat started to rock slightly you never were sure was this because of the sea or of the beer I had drunken.

Lying on my bed I could feel the ship rocking slightly from one side to the other but it wasn't too bad, it was actually a bit like lying in a giant cradle that is getting rock. I slept very good that night. :)

While sitting at breakfast the next morning, the first time my friends and me managed to get there together during the whole trip, the Harbour of Miami was getting closer and closer. And I was both Happy and sad at the same time. Sad that the whole cruise was already over again and happy that I had such a wonderful time and was able to experience such an amazing trip, I never thought I ever would be on such a trip. It surely was the Trip of a Lifetime as it was advertised.
And shortly afterwards we were back on Land. It was a bit shaky first as the ground seemed to move beneath you with every step and I am not talking about the effect Alcohol can have on you.

My two friends left Miami that day and went on a trip around Florida in a rental Car. I decided to stay in Miami Beach in a small and nice Hotel on the previous mentioned Espinola Way and I had some really nice days there which I filled with some Sightseeing in Miami and Miami Beach. I also had a wonderful day trip to Key West which I really enjoyed. I also did some shopping and watched some movies in the Cinema and just enjoyed the warm weather for a few more days. You still met some people from the cruise but most of the people left right after the festival. And also I had to go back to Europe shortly afterwards. I flew back with the A380 again. And came from warm Miami (26 degreees) to cold Duesseldorf where I was greeted with Minus 13 degrees Celsius.  That was a shock I can tell you. And my first impulse was to get back on the next plane to Miami and start the Cruise all over again....

It surely was an experience I will never forgot and I am really grateful that I was able to fulfil me such a big dream of myself. When you have the chance you really should try to make your dreams come true. Maybe I will never get on such a cruise again. But I will always remember this one. And it will always bring a smile to my face.

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  1. Amazing.. What a contrasting Title.. I thought you had one hell of an experience,, But it was another Hell... Touche !!!